When the lights go out in your kitchen or workplace, make sure that you buy the correct fluorescent bulbs for your light fixture. By examining the fixture, you can determine whether it is a G23, GX23 or other base. If you have a GX23 fixture, explore the bulbs here to find a single tube 2-pin fluorescent bulb from BulbAmerica.

BulbAmerica offers a wide range of lights that are energy-saving and in various colors. Look for a softer or brighter white depending on the aesthetic you are going for. Explore bulbs from brands like Sylvania, SUNLITE, Philips and Ushio. These bulbs vary depending on wattage and color, so choose the one that will best suit your needs. Several of the fluorescent light bulb models also possess magnetic bases. If your fixture has one of these bases, order these bulbs for an easy installation. Explore the GX23 light bulbs from BulbAmerica to keep your home or office well-lit.