BulbAmerica offers an inventory with bulbs that will perfectly fit your light fixture and fulfill your specifications. With a wide selection of single tube 4-pin 2G11 light bulbs, you can be as selective as you want in choosing wattage, color and other factors. Opt for UV lights for medical or sterilization purposes, use a dimmable bulb if you like to control the amount of light in the room or opt for a high voltage to brighten up a workplace or studio.

Fluorescent 4-pin bulbs are available from trusted lighting brands like LUXRITE, SUNLITE, USHIO, Sylvania and Philips. Choose between options like the Osram Sylvania 55w Long Twin Tube or the LUXRITE PLL36W/830/4P Compact. These bulbs also vary in terms of color. Choose a bright white or a softer hue depending on your lighting preferences. Shop the selection of 2G11 light bulbs from BulbAmerica for your home or office.