Spiral CFL Bulbs

If you're looking to boost energy efficiency but aren't quite ready to make the great leap to LED, spiral CFL bulbs are a good, happy medium. These eco-friendlier lightbulbs provide greater energy savings than their incandescent counterparts and are known for helping you reduce utility bills while limiting energy consumption. These spiral-shaped or twist bulbs use significantly less electricity than incandescent bulbs while offering a longer lifespan. In fact, they can last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

With that being said, CFL light bulbs are not appropriate for all applications. They provide a longer warm-up time and generally aren't dimmer compatible (see our dimmable CFLs if you need a dimmable style). If you've decided on CFL lights for your home or business, BulbAmerica can help you make the ideal CFL choice for your unique needs. We have popular, standard options such as 13-watt CFL bulbs plus high-lumen CFLs for extreme brightness and styles in a broad selection of bases. We also have colored CFLs and black light CFLs in this great selection.

Spiral CFL bulbs are the happy medium between incandescent bulb and LEDs. While not as energy efficient as LEDs, spiral CFLs are also significantly cheaper, making them the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade from incandescent bulbs without making the jump to LEDs. At BulbAmerica, we carry a wide range of spiral CFL bulbs available in a wide range of colors and wattages.

For standard white spiral CFL bulbs, we recommend this 13W T2 Ultra Mini Spiral E12 Candelabra base 4100K fluorescent bulb from Satco. For those looking for colored or black light options, check out this Compact Fluorescent 11W Super Mini Twist Colored Bulb from Sunlite or this 13W T2 Ultra Mini Specialty Spirals Screw-In Blacklight CFL bulb from Satco. We also carry a wide range of high-lumen CFLs like this 42w EL/DT Twist 2700K E26 Warm White Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb from Philips for increased brightness.

When shopping for CFL bulbs, it is important to remember that CFLs aren't the best fit for all applications. Most aren't dimmer-compatible and generally have a longer warm-up time to get to maximum luminosity. To learn more about CFLs, give our experts at BulbAmerica a call and order with us today!