PAR Can Packages

You could spend days driving around town assembling the lighting set for your next gig, theatrical production, building project or other project. Alternatively, you could surf the Web and choose all the components piece by piece, ordering each one online or by phone after you've made a decision. Or you could simply shop BulbAmerica, where we've put together high-quality PAR can packages that give you everything you need. The choice is yours: spend hours or days accumulating your lighting components piece by piece, or buy it all in one economical package thoughtfully put together by the lighting experts at

These PAR can lighting packages are available in many sizes and price points so you can find exactly what suits your project and budget. We stock packages covering every major PAR size, from PAR 16 through PAR 64. That means you can find a package that's suitable for everything from a small road trip for your band or DJ business to retail and residential lighting to a major theatrical production. The components in these packages don't cut corners. They consist of products made by well-known names in the industry, including Stage Lighting USA, Platinum and Optima Lighting.

You can choose from minimalist packages that provide just the basics to large sets that include just about everything you need for a minor or major production. Some sets, for instance, come with just two cans and the appropriate bulbs. Others are available with as many as eight cans, eight bulbs, C-clamps and dimmers. We also carry PAR can packages with trusses or stands, which give you maximum flexibility in deciding how and where to set up your lights for maximum effect.

If you're looking to save money, consider our PAR 64 LED can packages. These feature highly efficient, long-life LED bulbs that will save you money while saving energy and helping to save the environment. If you have any questions about which PAR 64 can package will best suit your needs, just call us toll-free. Our friendly in-house experts love to talk lighting and will help you find the package that's right for you.