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Philips Light Bulbs and Philips LED Bulbs

Philips is one of the world’s largest manufactures of light bulbs and lamps and is a key innovator in environmentally friendly LED lighting. Philips bulbs span the entire range of lighting applications; from home & garden to stage & studio lighting. Philips’ lamps are often the first light bulbs and lamps that lighting designers, theater technicians, and architects turn to. For specialty applications like medical lighting, microscopy, surgical lighting, and more, Philips light bulbs are a frequent choice among doctors and scientists for their reliable performance light quality.  Philips Bulbs high resolution, and long life span make Philips Bulbs a first choice.

Philips Bulbs for homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels the most commonly used light bulbs are MR16 bulbs and PAR 16, PAR 20, PAR 30, and PAR 38 halogen bulbs. MR16s are essential to any lighting system and provide directional light in a variety of beam angles, wattages, and voltages; these "Philips bulbs" are used in display, accent, and other applications. MR16 Philips bulbs feature an energy efficient mirror condenser systems and dichroic reflectors that helps gather the light into a concentrated beam, resulting in a more efficient and powerful light. For additional energy savings, many MR (multi-faceted reflector) Philips lamps come in 12V low voltage versions. In addition MR16s for home and business application, MR16s by Philips Lighting are also used for projectors and entertainment lighting fixtures. These MR16s are offered in higher wattages and many of them feature a polished aluminized reflector versus the faceted dichroic reflector common on Philips’ MR16s for home and business use. Smaller size halogen PAR bulbs are a staple light source for any home or business. PAR halogen Philips bulbs are widely used in spaces that demand uniform light that renders color accurately. Philips offers comprehensive lines of PAR 20, PAR 30L, and PAR 38 bulbs. These Philips light bulbs are offered in wattages of 30W to 90W and in color temperatures ranging from 2,900K to 4,000K. For environmentally lighting options for recessed lighting metal halide PAR 30L Philips light bulbs offer consumers energy saving lamps with better efficiency than standard halogen PAR 30L bulbs.  Consistently proving Philips bulbs superior in high quality performance.

In addition to home and business lighting, Philips lighting offers a wide variety of halogen and metal halide lamps for stage & studio lighting. High voltage halogen Philips bulbs are among the popular lamps in TV and broadcast lighting. Among these bulbs are Philips’ HPL bulbs and double-ended lamps which are widely used due to their excellent heat dissipation, brightness, and light output. For stage & studio lighting, metal halide Philips lamps such as the MSD and MSR series lamps have been widely accepted as the industry standard in film studios, photography studios, and theaters.  These single-ended lamps are engineered for optimal light collection for efficient performance and optimal light output and provide daylight color temperatures. By using these Philips bulbs, consumers can cut down on the number lamps needed for replacement and the number of hours spent replacing them. Philips’ family of FastFit lamps is another innovation in stage & studio lighting that has made maintaining studio and broadcast lighting far easier. Because of their FastFit design, these Philips bulbs are durable and shock resistant, making them ideal for use in moving-head intelligent lighting systems. To make them even more versatile and useful, these lamps can also be used in any operating position. In short, Philips Light Bulbs for stage & studio lamps are second to none in their versatility, durability, and performance.

Philips LED Bulbs

Philips LED Bulbs is pushing the envelope of environmentally friendly lighting. Philips LED Bulbs Endura family of bulbs represents some of the most efficient and technologically advanced light bulbs available. These bulbs are available in dimmable A19, R20, PAR 20, PAR 38, and Philips LED candelabra bulbs. These energy saving replacement bulbs consume a fraction of the energy that conventional halogen bulbs do, allowing consumers to cut down on their energy costs and home and business cooling costs. The long lives of these bulbs means that consumers do not have to waste time or money on purchasing replacement bulbs. Philips LED Bulbs also offers a range of MR16 replacement bulbs that are offered in both line voltage (120V) and low voltage (12V) versions. These LED MR16 Philips light bulbs come in wattages ranging from 3W to 7W, meaning considerable energy savings for consumers. Because halogen MR16s produce so much heat, "Philips LED Bulbs" MR16s provide consumers a way to save energy, keep their homes and businesses cooler, and eliminate the danger of getting burned from a scalding hot bulb.  Philips Light Bulbs routinely pass quality checks and are the best among consumer reviewed light bulbs. Choosing Philips Light Bulbs or Philips LED Bulbs is a wise choice when it comes to any lighting applications.  Philips Bulbs wide range of uses makes Philips Bulbs and Philips LED Bulbs a household name globally.

Philips light bulbs are among the best and brightest in the businesses. At BulbAmerica we want our customers to have the best lighting possible in their homes, businesses, offices, stages, and studios. It is for this reason that we stock hundreds of Philips’ halogen bulbs, metal halide, HID, and LED products. We are constantly expanding our Philips Light Bulbs product line so be sure to check us out regularly!