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Ushio Bulbs is one of the largest suppliers of specialty and general illumination light bulbs in the United States and the world. Ushio Bulbs offers light bulbs and lamps for nearly every application including home & garden, stage, stage & studio, medical, scientific, aviation, marine, photographic, projector, and more. Ushio Bulbs has light bulbs in nearly every shape, base, and wattage imaginable to give consumers the flexibility they need. Ushio MR16s are considered the benchmark for halogen MR16s among lighting designers and architects. Ushio’s MR16s can be found in museums and galleries, retail locations, offices, and in track lighting fixtures, providing the spaces they illuminate with crisp light with outstanding color rendering. What makes these MR16s different from the rest is their remarkable dichroic reflectors and their resulting efficient performance and long lasting lives. Ushio’s MR16s are offered in a wide range of beam angles and color temperatures to make using them in crafting light and ambiance as easy as possible. Ushio’s Ultraline family of MR16s, for example, can last up to 18,000 hours, making them as long lasting as some CFL bulbs. MR16 Ushio lamps are also used at higher wattages as lamps for projectors, entertainment lighting, and medical/scientific applications.

Ushio Bulbs are also an important provider of lamps for entertainment applications throughout the world. Particularly popular are their HPL lamps which come in standard and long life versions. Ushio HPL lamps feature an innovative compact filament design which increases the bulb’s efficiency and boosts the bulb’s light output by up to 20%. Ushio JCS bulbs for fresnels are another innovative product by "Ushio bulbs" designed to maximize light output while allowing for two fixtures per circuit and thus increasing the overall efficiency of the lighting system.  In short, for stage & studio lighting Ushio lamps are pushing the technological envelope with new filament designs, allowing their ushio bulbs to achieve increased light output, efficiency, and ultimately longer lives.

Ushio Bulbs is also a major supplier of energy efficient LED and CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs. Ushio’s Synergy series of MR16s are some of the world’s longest lasting and highest performing MR16s. Lasting up to 50,000 hours and coming in a variety of color temperatures, these LED MR16s are some of the highest performing and most technologically advanced in the business. Furthermore, Ushio’s CFL and cold cathode CFL (CCFL) lamps are durable bulbs featuring dramatic performance and long life hour ratings, perfect for consumers who want to install their lighting and then forget about it.

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