2-PK SYLVANIA 7443R T20 Red LED Automotive Bulb

2-PK SYLVANIA 7443R T20 Red LED Automotive Bulb

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2-PK SYLVANIA 7443 T20 Red LED Bulb

SYLVANIA LED bulbs deliver a balanced combination of performance and value. Tuners and auto enthusiasts alike can replace their vehicle's incandescent lights with a bright and long-lasting LED bulb for a unique and modern look in a simple and cost effective way.

- Withstands road shock and vibration for optimal performance
- Thermal management extends life and increase performance
- Instant full power, not the slower light up of incandescent bulbs
- LED bulb fits and installs the same as your old bulb
- Red LED bulb, ideal for stop and tail lights

If you are looking to upgrade your vehicles 3157 or 7443 parking light, turn signal, or brake light bulbs with LED's you need to identify what type of socket your car has. There are 2 socket types, standard and CK. This bulb will not work with CK type socket.


ANSI Code: 7443
Sylvania Part Number: 7443RSL.BP2 SYL LED
Primary Application: Brake, Tail
Bulb Technology: LED Bulbs
Base: W3x16q
Bulb Shape: T20 DC
Color: Red
Amperage Draw: 0.20/0.04AAmp
Voltage: 12V
Rated Life: 12 Months from date of purchase
Important: For off road use only