69458 projector bulb Osram P-VIP 100-120/1.0 P22ha Projection TV Original lamp

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Osram P-VIP 100-120/1.0 P22ha Original Projection TV Bulb Replacement that fits into your existing cage assembly .
Brand New High Quality Original Osram P-VIP Projector Bulb
Bulb without Cage Assembly Original Projector Bulb

The projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models:
Hitachi- 50V500 Hitachi- 50VS810A Panasonic - PT-60LCX63
Hitachi- 50V500A Hitachi- 55VF820 Panasonic - PT-60LCX64
Hitachi- 50VX500 Hitachi- 55VG825 Panasonic - PT-60LCX64C
Hitachi- 60V500 Hitachi- 60VF820 Panasonic - PT-61LCX35
Hitachi- 60V500A Hitachi- 60VG825 Panasonic - PT-43LC14
Hitachi- 60VX500 Hitachi- 60VS810A Panasonic - PT-61LCX65
Hitachi- UX21511-PVIP Hitachi- LP700 Panasonic - PT-43LCX64
Hitachi- 50V500G Hitachi- UX21516-PVIP Panasonic - PT-44LCX65
Hitachi- 50V525 Hitachi- 50V720 Panasonic - PT-50LC13
Hitachi- 50V525E Hitachi- LM520 Panasonic - PT-50LC13K
Hitachi- 50V710 Hitachi- UX21517-PVIP Panasonic - PT-50LC14
Hitachi- 50V715 Hitachi- 50C20 Panasonic - PT-50LCX63
Hitachi- 60V525E Hitachi- 50C20A Panasonic - PT-50LCX64
Hitachi- 60V710 Hitachi- LP520 Hitachi Panasonic - TY-LA1000-PVIP
Hitachi- 60V715 Hitachi- UX21518-PVIP Panasonic - PT-40LC12
Hitachi- LM500 Hitachi- 50VS69A Panasonic - PT-40LC13
Hitachi- 42V515 Hitachi- 55VS69 Panasonic - PT-45LC12
Hitachi- 42V525 Hitachi- 55VS69A Panasonic - PT-45LC13
Hitachi- 42V710 Hitachi- 62VS69 Panasonic - PT-L40LC12
Hitachi- 42V715 Hitachi- 62VS69A Panasonic - PT-L40LC13
Hitachi- 50C10 Hitachi- LP600 Hitachi Panasonic - PT-L45LC12
Hitachi- 50C10E Hitachi- UX25951-PVIP Panasonic - PT-L45LC13
Hitachi- 50V500E Mitsubishi - WD52526 Mitsubishi Lamp Panasonic - TY-LA1500-PVIP
Hitachi- UX21513-PVIP Mitsubishi - WD52527 Sony - XL2100
Hitachi- 50VS810 Mitsubishi - WD52528 Sony - XL2100U-PVIP
Hitachi- 50VX915 Mitsubishi - WD62526 Sony - KF-WE50
Hitachi- 60VS810 Mitsubishi - WD62527 Sony - KF-WE42
Hitachi- 60VX915 Mitsubishi - WD62528 Sony - KF-WS60
Hitachi- UX21514-PVIP Mitsubishi - 915P028010-PVIP Sony - KL-37W1U
Hitachi- 70VS810 Panasonic - PT-52LCX15 Sony - KL-37W2U
Hitachi- 70VX915 Panasonic - PT-52LCX15B Sony - KL-50W1U
Hitachi- LW700 Panasonic - PT-52LCX35 Sony - KL-50W2U
Hitachi- UX21515-PVIP Panasonic - PT-52LCX65 Sony - XL2300-PVIP
Hitachi- 50VF820 Panasonic - PT-60LC13 Sony - XL5100-PVIP
Hitachi- 50VG825 Panasonic - PT-60LC14 Sony - XL5200-PVIP


Projector Manufacturer's Osram
Projector Models 69458 Bulb
Warranty 90 Days Manufacturers Warranty. Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV/projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, light
UPC 675650014488