69490 Projector Bulb Osram P-VIP 132-150/1.0 E22h High Quality Original lamp

Manufacturer: Osram Sylvania SKU: 69490-BULB

Osram Sylvania

69490 Projector Bulb Osram P-VIP 132-150/1.0 E22h High Quality Original lamp
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P-VIP 132-150/1.0 E22h Osram Bulb Replacement that fits into your existing cage . Brand New High Quality Original Projector Bulb
Bulb without Cage Assembly
Original Projector BulbThe projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models:Akai - PT61DL34XApollo - PL8844Mitsubishi - 915P027A10Mitsubishi - WD62827Mitsubishi - WD62927Mitsubishi - WD73727Mitsubishi - WD73827Mitsubishi - WD73927Mitsubishi - 915P027010-PVIPMitsubishi - 915P049A10Mitsubishi - WD52631Mitsubishi - WD57731Mitsubishi - WD57732Mitsubishi - WD65731Mitsubishi - WD65732Mitsubishi - WDY57Mitsubishi - WDY65Mitsubishi - 915P049010-PVIPPanasonic - TY-LA2006-PVIPSamsung- HLS5065WSamsung- HLS5066WSamsung- HLS5086WSamsung- HLS5086WXSamsung- HLS5086WX/XAASamsung- HLS5087WSamsung- HLS5087WX/XAASamsung- HLS5088WSamsung- HLS5666WSamsung- HLS5686WSamsung- HLS5687WSamsung- HLS5687WX/XAASamsung- HLS5688WSamsung- HLS6165WSamsung- HLS6166WSamsung- HLS6167WSamsung- HLS6186WSamsung- HLS6187WSamsung- HLS6187WX/XAASamsung- HLS6188WSamsung- BP96-01578ASamsung- HLS6767WSamsung- HLS7178WSamsung- HLT5055WSamsung- HLT5656WSamsung- HLT6156WSamsung- HLT6756WSamsung- HLT7288WSamsung- BP96-01600ASamsung- HL67A510Samsung- HL72A650Samsung- HLS4265WSamsung- HLS4266WSamsung- HLS4666WSamsung- BP96-01472A-PVIPSamsung- HL50A650Samsung- HL56A650Samsung- HL61A650Samsung- HLS4676SSamsung- HLT4675SSamsung- HLT5075SSamsung- HLT5075SXSamsung- HLT5675SSamsung- HLT5675SXSamsung- HLT5076SSamsung- HLT5076SXSamsung- HLT5076WXSamsung- HLT5676SSamsung- HLT5676SXSamsung- HLT6176SSamsung- BP96-01795A-PVIP


Projector Manufacturer's Osram Sylvania
Projector Models 69490 Bulb
Warranty 90 Days Manufacturers Warranty. Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV/projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, light