70 Warm White 5mm LED Icicle Light Set with White Wire

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The Conical 5mm Wide Angle LED lights provide a brilliant dash of color in any situation. These 5mm Wide Angle LED bulbs come in Warm White color with White Wire. The 5mm Wide Angle LED lights have low energy consumption, low heat output and are environmentally friendly.

- Clear icicle lights emit a glow that's perfect for Christmas lights or any special event
- White wire icicle lights blend flawlessly along rooflines and gutters; easily decorate indoors, wedding tents and lighter colored architectural elements
- Wide angle bulbs emit brilliant light in a smaller design
- LED Bulbs have an average lifetime of 100,000 hours
- Engineered with tighter wire twists for a cleaner look
- If one light goes out, the rest stay lit
- ENERGY STAR qualified and UL Listed
- UL Listed lights, engineered for safety
- Fully rectified LED Strings are flicker free, providing consistent light display

- 70 warm white 5mm icicle lights on white wire with 15 drops and 6" space between drops
- Drop lengths: 18" - 15" - 9"
- 7' lighted length; 6" lead; 6" tail
- Connect up to 44 sets; female plugs for easier end to end connection
- 22 gauge wire


Color Warm White
Number of Lights 70
Light Type Wide Angle LED
Length (in) 7.5 Ft.
Type Wide Angle LED
Warranty Bulbs and tubes are guaranteed to light for one year of seasonal usage from the date of purchase.