BULBAMERICA 9008 H13 - 100W/80W 12V Xenon White Automotive lamp - 2 bulbs

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BulbAmerica H13 100/80W Heliolite Xenon White bulbs twin packs are made with high quality Quartz glass and a high-precision blue coating.

The outcome is a bulb that produces a unique stylish look with a crisp, white light. The whiter light also provides a higher contrast with the surrounding night time environment, meaning better visibility for safer driving. The combination of further downroad distance, more sideroad, and whiter light helps the driver achieve more clarity.

Drive safely and in style with Heliolite Xenon White.

- "Off Road Use Only"
- 1700 Lumens
- OEM Part Number: H13 100/80W


OEM Part Numbers 9008 (H13)
Technology Halogen
Base Type P26.4t
Color Blue Glass
Volts 12
Wattage 100/80
Bulb Shape T5 1/4
Filament C-8/C-8
Lumen 1700/1100
Lifetime B3/TC 350/600
"E" Approval N/A
DOT Complaint "Off Road Use Only"
Benefits Performance Quality
Application High/Low Beam