Epson BrightlLink 485Wi Lamp with Original Osram P-VIP Original Bulb

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Epson EB-485Wi lamp module that includes both the Housing and Original OEM Osram P-VIP 140-215W/0.8 E20.8 bulb. The Osram P-VIP replacement bulb is manufactured to the highest ISO9001 standards to fit and performs as the original equipped lamp for Epson EB-485Wi projector.
The Epson EB-485Wi replacement module includes:
Epson EB-485Wi Housing
Genuine OEM Osram 140-215W/0.8 E20.8 bulb - 100% identical lamp as originally used in the Epson EB-485Wi projector
- Power Range: 215W
- Arc Length (mm): 1.0 - Reflector Shape: Elliptical
- Lamp Lifetime: > 6000 hrs (at lowest power settings)

Osram P-VIP technology benefits:
- Superior light output maximizes image quality
- Uniform light distribution enhances viewer satisfaction
- Long lamp life reduces maintenance costs
- Quality � second to none, ensures highest reliability
- OEM specified � designed specifically to fit the Epson EB-485Wi
Original OSRAM P-VIP lamps fulfill the requirements of the projector and the OEMs. They match the required cooling setup (thus avoiding overheating which may lead to shattering, a short life time, lumen decay) and they provide the correct driving mode (thus avoiding a short life, lumen decay, flickering, wrong colours, shattering) and use the correct ignition parameters. P-VIP lamps give the highest luminance, the essential prerequisite for efficient projection devices.
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