EVA 64623 bulb OSRAM HLX 100w 12v GY6.35 Single Ended Halogen light Bulb

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This OSRAM EVA 100 watt halogen bulb has a base of GY6.35 2-pin. It has a diameter of 0.453 inches, a filament of C-Bar-6 and a clear lamp finish.
The OSRAM EVA 64623 HLX use Xenon instead krypton gas (XENOPHOT HLX VERSION) and have a 10% higher luminous flux with same power consumption.
This OSRAM EVA bulb has a shape of T4, a rated life of 2000 hours and a voltage of 12. It also has a lumen flux of 2800 and a maximum overall length of 1.716 inches.


-Microscope (Leitz Microscopes, Leica Microscopes)

-OSRAM EVA (HLX 64623) Halogen Bulb
-Single Ended Lamp
-EVA 64623HLX
-Low Voltage Bulb
-Replacement Lamp for Machine Vision Measurement - Optical Comparator
-Replacement Lamp for Microscope - Illuminator
-Replacement Lamp for Scientific - Oscillograph Recorder


Abbreviation Name EVA 64623HLX 12V
Base GY6.35 2-Pin
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100
Diameter (in) 0.453
Filament C-Bar-6
Lamp Finish Clear
Luminous Flux (LM) 2800
Maximum Overall Length (in) 1.716
Rated Life (Hours) 2000
Shape T4
Voltage (V) 12V
Wattage (W) 100W


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