Osram Sylvania EVD 64663 HLX 400w 36v G6.35 Halogen light Bulb

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Osram Sylvania

Osram Sylvania EVD 64663 HLX 400w 36v G6.35 Halogen light Bulb
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OSRAM SYLVANIA EVD 64663 400 watts 36 volts G6.35 Bipin 50 hours HLX Xenon Halogen light Bulb
The Osram EVD bulb uses Xenon instead of krypton as the filler gas (HLX) - and have up to 30% higher luminous efficacy compared to standard lamps

- ANSI Code: EVD, LIF Code: A1/239
- Wattage: 400w, Volts: 36V
- Initial Lumens: 14500Lm
- Base: GY6.35
- Rated Life 50 hours

The EVD bulb is used in following application:
- Stage and Studio equipment
- Lab Diagnostic & Analytical Blood Analyzer
- Microfilm Projector
- OHP, Film and LCD Projection

EVD Cross Reference:
- American DJ ZB-EVD
- Atlas/Thorn A1/239
- Bulbrite 761115 EVD
- Eiko 02810 EVD
- GE 41164 EVD
- Osram Sylvania 54048, 54100, 54103, 54259, EVD 64663 HLX
- Philips 7787
- Sunlite 70265 EVD
- Technicon 633-0094-01
- Ushio 1000383 EVD, JC36V-400WS1


Abbreviation Name EVD 64663 HLX
Base GX6.35 2-Pin
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100
Diameter (in) .59
Filament C-Bar-6
Lamp Finish Clear
Luminous Flux (LM) 16000
Maximum Overall Length (in) 2.34
Rated Life (Hours) 50
Shape T6
Voltage (V) 36V
Wattage (W) 400W

Equipment used

Below are some of the equipment's the EVD bulb is used in
3M Model 9550
3M Model 9800
3M HA6009
American DJ Beamer40
American DJ Typhoon
Apollo Magnastar 400
Apollo E400SDV
Apollo S400SDV
Apollo VS3250
Apollo VS3400C CO-STAR 400
ASK 750 Impression
Audiscan Chieftan
Audiscan SST-400
Audiscan SST-400 Zoom
Buhl 113
Buhl 196-110 NKD
Buhl 2963
Buhl 2964
CTX-Opto EZPro 500
Dukane 28A667
Dukane 667
Elmo HP-5500
Goetschmann G8585
Eiki OHP-3855B
Eiki OHP-3855SWB
Eiki OHP-3865B
Eiki OHP-3865SWB
Eiki OHP-3875B
Eiki OHP-3875SWB
Eiki OHP-3885B
Eiki OHP-3895BP
Elmo HP-400HZ
Elmo HP-5500
Elmo HP-A305SQ
Elmo HP-A380 ZOOM
Infocus LitePro 100
Infocus LitePro 100LS
Infocus LitePro 550
Infocus LitePro 550LS
Infocus LitePro 560
Infocus LitePro 570
Infocus LitePro 760
Infocus LitePro 760L
Kaiser CamLight 400
Liesegang 660
Sinon HM36F
Sinon HT401
Technicon SMAC

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