for G55T8 55W T8 G13 Germicidal Bulb - 21283 G55T8/OF Replacement

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The Bulbamerica 55w G13 T8 UV-C Germicidal lamps provide highly effective UV-C irradiance at 254nm, which provides the needed effect for purification, without the use of toxic chemicals. These lamps are ideal for both air and water purification systems.

Bulbamerica 55w UV-C Germicidal lamps are reliable and efficient sources with long service life in excess of 9,000 hours. In addition, the special outer glass tube absorbs the lower wavelengths, suppressing the formation of ozone and ensuring environmentally friendly sterilization.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Effective and environment-friendly disinfection without chemicals
  • High UV-C radiance at 254 nm
  • Low mercury content
  • Long lifetime due to special coating
  • Ozone-free
Areas of application:
  • Air Purification
  • Water Purification
  • Surface Sterilization


Abbreviation Name G55T8/OF
Base G13 2 Pin
Bulb Type Germicidal Bulbs
Current 0.77
Diameter (in) 1.02
Length (in) 35.24
Radiation Flux (W)@ 254 nm 18
Rated Life (Hours) 9000
Shape T8
Voltage (V) 83
Wattage (W) 55W