OPTIMA LIGHTING Legacy XPower 4000 Light Controller

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Manufacturer:Optima Lighting

Optima Lighting

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is the only remote controlled active base for Par Cans that makes your light system simple to use and cheap. With XPower there is no need for controllers, cables for connections and connectors. Possibility of shift and 360º rotation of each Par Can.

  • 4 channels 5A per channel - internal fuse for each channel
  • Microprocessor controlled, guaranteed high reliability
  • 16 programmed sequences with automatic or manual selection
  • Function: Music, Sequential, Psycho Sequential, Fill and Blackout
  • Zero-crossing system: no audio noise and longer lamps life
  • Zero-dimming (50% / 100% light intensity)
  • Built in microphone with automatic level control
  • R.C.S. input for external remote control
  • R.C.S. output for external remote control

Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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