Optoma EP550 Original OEM Projector Bulb Assembly

Optoma EP550 Original OEM Projector Bulb Assembly

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Optoma EP550 Projector Bare Bulb Replacement - without cage assembly
The Osram replacement bulb is manufactured to the highest ISO9001 standards to fit and performs as the original equipped bulb for the Optoma EP550 projector.
Genuine Osram OEM 400w bare bulb
- 100% identical lamp as originally used in the Optoma EP550 projector
- Power Range: 400W
- Light Output: 14500Lumens
- Lamp Lifetime: 50 hrs
Original OSRAM bulb fulfill the requirements of the projector and the OEMs. They match the required cooling setup (thus avoiding overheating which may lead to shattering, a short life time, lumen decay) and they provide the correct driving mode (thus avoiding a short life, lumen decay, flickering, wrong colors, shattering) and use the correct ignition parameters. Osram lamps give the highest luminance, the essential prerequisite for efficient projection devices.


Optoma EP550 Replacement Projector Lamp
Projector Manufacturer: Optoma
Projector/ TV Model: EP550
UPC: 675650269307