Optoma LITEPRO-550 Original OEM Projector Bulb Assembly

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Optoma LITEPRO-550 Projector Bare Bulb Replacement - without cage assembly
The Osram replacement bulb is manufactured to the highest ISO9001 standards to fit and performs as the original equipped bulb for the Optoma LITEPRO-550 projector.
Genuine Osram OEM 400w bare bulb
- 100% identical lamp as originally used in the Optoma LITEPRO-550 projector
- Power Range: 400W
- Light Output: 14500Lumens
- Lamp Lifetime: 50 hrs
Original OSRAM bulb fulfill the requirements of the projector and the OEMs. They match the required cooling setup (thus avoiding overheating which may lead to shattering, a short life time, lumen decay) and they provide the correct driving mode (thus avoiding a short life, lumen decay, flickering, wrong colors, shattering) and use the correct ignition parameters. Osram lamps give the highest luminance, the essential prerequisite for efficient projection devices.


Optoma LITEPRO-550 Replacement Projector Lamp
Projector Manufacturer: Optoma
Projector/ TV Model: LITEPRO-550
UPC: 675650269253