OSRAM 64265 HLX 30W 6V G4 Base Xenon Halogen Bulb has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.
OSRAM 64265 HLX 30W 6V G4 Base Xenon Halogen Bulb

OSRAM 64265 HLX 30W 6V G4 Base Xenon Halogen Bulb

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OSRAM 64265 HLX Halogen lamps offer brilliant light, high light output, a constant color temperature and excellent color rendering throughout their lives.

The OSRAM 64265 HLX are easy to use, dimmable and do not contain any mercury. This makes them not only extremely powerful but also extremely eco-friendly.

- Xenon instead of krypton as the filler gas (XENOPHOT HLX versions)
- Compared to standard lamps up to 10 % higher luminous efficacy (HLX) higher with same power consumption

- medical
- microscope
- overhead projector

Cross References:
- Philips 5761
- Osram HLX64265
- NAED 54606
- Olympus 8-C410
- Nikon 84246
- Nikon 78021
- Nikon CS-1
- Swift MA-326


Abbreviation Name 64265HLX
Application MICROSCOPE
Average Rated Life (hr) 100
Base G4 Bipin
Bulb T9
Class C (gas)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100
Color Temperature (K) 3200
Diameter d (in) 0.354
Diameter d (mm) 9
Family Brand Name XENOPHOT (HLX)
Filament C Bar 6
Lamp Finish Clear
Luminous Flux (lm) 765
Maximum Overall Length - MOL (in) 1.22
Maximum Overall Length - MOL (mm) 31
Nominal Voltage (V) 6
Nominal Wattage (W) 30
Operating Position Any
Reflector Coating 9
Type of Current AC

Equipment Used In:

- Bulb # 15435
- Meiji MA260, MA264H, MA264EX, MA260/05
- Nikon E200, E400, Eclipse 50i, Labophot 2, Labophot Microscope
- Olympus BX40, BX41, BX45, CH40, CX31, CX40, CX41
- Unitron MEC2, RMM2

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