OSRAM 64292 XIR 150w Xenon Medical fiber optics surgical lamp

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This is the OSRAM 64668. This lamp uses 150 watts and 12 volts. The 64292 Halogen light bulb has a G6.35 Bipin base with a rated life of 600 hours. Low-voltage halogen lamps without reflector.

Product benefits
Compared to standard lamps up to 10 % higher luminous efficacy (HLX)
Instant light (HLX)

Areas of application
Lamps for special luminaires
Medical fiber optics (HLX)

Product features
Xenon instead of krypton as the filler gas (XENOPHOT HLX versions)
Luminous flux up to 10 % higher with same power consumption (XENOPHOT HLX versions)
HLX tungsten halogen low-voltage lamp with or without reflector
Dimmable (HLX)


Abbreviation Name 64292XIR150W
Base G6.35 2-Pin
Shape E14
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100
Color Temperature 3250
Diameter (in) 0.551
Lamp Finish Clear
Luminous Flux (LM) 6000
Rated Life (Hours) 600
Voltage (V) 12V
Wattage (W) 150W