Sylvania MusicLites transmitter for iPod/iPhone/iPad with remote

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This transmitter works with the MusicLites units to create the audio content. It has an Apple 30 pin connector. It can transmit audio from Apple portable device utilizing the 30-pin connector. It has an internal battery for portable usage with your device, but also comes with an AC adaptor. The adaptor will alternately charge the Apple device and this transmitter.Once synchronized to the MusicLites from any storage device with an Apple 30-pin connection the MusicLites unit(s) will provide you with symphonic quality sound.Applications:- Consumer - Kitchens- Hallways- Bathrooms- Living Rooms- Garage- 3-Season Porch- Bedrooms- Media Room- Basements- Commercial- Offices- Conference Rooms- Exhibits- Lobbies- Bars- Restaurants- Hotel Rooms- Schools- Hospice CentersWireless:- Transceiver is proprietary 2.4GHz Proprietary means it will not interfere with other wireless- Range 30-100 depending on factors No wires; can place lights where you want- Zones- up to 6; 12 per zone Each zone can operate independent for light and audio- Radio frequency communication Between lights to keep volume and light levels equal within a zone- IR remote control Operates for zones, volume, light levels- 3 Sources can be active at one time Different zones can play up to 3 different devices simultaneously- Transmitters- USB, Universal, Apple ALL audio storage media can be played