Philips 100w LED 100-277V 3000K Bright White 13000Lm - 250W HID Replacement

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Philips 553479 Corn Cob HID replacement lamps are perfect LED replacements for various outdoor applications. High-intensity illumination, which means you get added visibility for applications like streets, public areas, and much more for a fraction of the energy used by conventional HID.

Philips 553479 HID Replacement LED BENEFITS:
- Energy savings of >50%
- Omni-directional lighting enables use in a variety of applications
- Long rated life - 50,000 hrs
- Type B lamps allow the installer to bypass the ballast and reduce maintenance costs

- Standard EX39 base to replace metal halide lamps and E39 options
- Suitable for both enclosed and open fixtures
- 3000K Bright White
- 13000 Lumens - 250w HID Replacement - This LED bulb emitting 13,000 lumens replaces a 250 Watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) at 13,000 lumens based on mesopic vision with night time ambient light levels (0.01 to 3cd/m2)

- Wall packs, Shoeboxes, Post-Top fixtures
- Parking lots, public areas, and office outdoor fixtures

- Suitable for use in enclosed luminaires
- Risk of electric shock - do not use where directly exposed to water
- Not suitable for use with dimmers
- Not intended for use with emergency exit fixtures or emergency lights


Brand Philips
Model 9290022521
Lamp Type Corn Cob
Lamp Life Hours 50,000 Hours
Material Aluminum & Plastic
Power Input: Ballast Bypass / Direct Wire
Base EX39 Mogul Screw
Watts 100
Volts 100-277
Lumens 13,000
Color Accuracy (CRI) 80
Light Appearance Super White
Color Temperature 3000K
Beam Angle 360°
Item Number 553479
Barcode on SKU 046677553470
Brand Philips
Description 100CC/LED/830/ND EX39 BB 6/1