Philips 157529 - PL-S 9W/BLB Fluorescent Blacklight Blue G23 Base Bulb

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Philips 157529 PL-S 9 Watts G23 Base Compact Blacklight Blue

PL-S Blacklight Blue is a special low-wattage germicidal lamp emitting long-wave UV radiation for detection and analysis purposes in archaeology, money checking, forensic science, food industry, medicine, mineralogy, philately, and special effects in night clubs, discos, theaters, and sign lighting.
The 2-pin version is designed for operation on electromagnetic gear
- EPA Approved: Philips/Signify EPA # Est. No 95792-POL-1

- PL-S 9W/2P Blacklight Blue Bulb
- Wattage: 9W
- Base: G23
- Rated Life: 3000 hours
- Maximum overall length: 6.59 inch


Abbreviation Name PL-S 9W BLB/2P 1CT
Base G23
Bulb Type PL-S
Diameter (in) 1.23
Maximum Overall Length (in) 6.595
Rated Life (Hours) 3000
Wattage (W) 9 W
Voltage (V) 60 V
EAN/UPC 8711500950901
Philips Code 927901710807
Ordering Code PL-S 9W/2P BLB, BC3051
EPA Approved Philips/Signify EPA # Est. No 95792-POL-1