Philips 35w D3S Xenon HID X-tremeVision PLUS 4800K Automotive Headlight Bulb

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Philips D3S Xenon X-tremeVision PLUS 4800K HID Bulb is Made in Germany.
With a powerful beam that pushes light emission to the limit, X-tremeVision gen2 is the latest development in xenon technology.
This outstanding light performance extends your driving limits, so you enjoy a safer, more comfortable drive.
With up to 150% more light on the road, Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 bulbs produce a longer beam than standard to help you spot potential hazards with ease, improving your reaction time. You'll also benefit from improved peripheral vision, meaning that even the edges of the road are illuminated for extra safety. A color temperature of 4800K delivers a crisp white light that's comfortable on the eyes, providing a better driving experience. Utilizing specialist technology, Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2 lamps direct the light beam to the perfect spot in front of your car
The spectral composition of this light is adapted to the natural color sensitivity of your eye. With a color temperature of 4800K, this headlamp produces light that's gentle on your eyes, making the night-time driving experience safer and more comfortable.
To actively tackle this issue, Philips has now added a unique Certificate of Authenticity to every single Xenon HID bulb they produce. Any bulb now purchased without the Certificate could be a fake and should be avoided. Every single bulb that we sell features the Certificate of Authenticity on the packaging.

- Made in Germany
- Brand: Philips
- ANSI: D3S 42403XV2C1
- Bulb type: Xenon Standard HID
- Lighting Type: automotive-exterior-headlight-bulbs
- Base: PK32d-2
- Color: Silver, Clear
- Color Temp: 4800k
- Lumens: 3200 ±450 lm
- Voltage: 42V
- Wattage: 35W

Compatible Manufacturer Part Number
Audi: N10721806 N10721805 (Replaces N 10721801; N 10721805; N10-721-805; N10721801; N10721806)
Ford Lincoln: 7L7Z-13N021-A
Hyundai: 18647-35010
Jaguar: C2D5254
Land Rover: LR009163
Mopar Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram: L0000D3S (L000 0D3S-001)
GM Buick/Cadillac/Chevrolet/GMC: 13587843
Porsche: 999-631-070-90, 958-631-218-00
Volkswagen : N-107-218-06(Replaces N-107-218-01, N-107-218-05)
Volvo: 31290593


Brand Philips
OEM Part Numbers D3S
SKU 42403XV2C1
Code 37787394
Technology Xenon Standard HID
Base Type PK32d-2
Color Silver, Clear
Wattage 35
Voltage 85
Bulb Shape T3
Filament ARCGAP
Lumen 3,350LM
Color Temp (Kelvin) 4800K
Application High/Low Beam
Lifetime B3/Tc = 2000/3000
Marking ECE E1 04J
Certification ECE
EAN 8727900377873