Philips H38MP-100DX 100w A23 3700K Cool White Mercury Vapor HG HID Light Bulb

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Philips Mercury Vapor 100 watts A23 3700K Cool White, Coated finish, Mercury Vapor HG Light Bulb

- Lamp Abreviation Code: H38MP-100DX
- Ballast / ANSI: H38
- Rated Average Life: 24000 Hrs
- Operating Position: ANY
- Shape: A23
- Bulb Finish: Hard Glass, Coated
- Lumens: 4400LM 
- Color: Cool White, 3700K Color Temperature

Mercury Vapor lamps feature low initial cost, but have higher operating costs than HPS or Metal Halide due to its lower efficiency.

The clear mercury bulb has a bluish green appearance and the Deluxe White has a higher color rendering.

Mercury lamps get dimmer over time and rarely burn out, so it is wise to replace them and restore light level.


Abbreviation Name H38MP-100DX
Ballast H338
Base E26 Medium Screw
Bulb Type High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)
Color Temperature (K) 3700K
Lamp Finish Coated
Luminous Flux (LM) 4400
Rated Life (Hours) 24000
Shape A23
Wattage (W) 100W

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