Philips MSR Gold 300/2 MiniFastFit

Philips MSR Gold 300/2 MiniFastFit

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Philips MSR lamp Gold 300/2 MiniFastFix, MSR Gold™ MiniFastFit – lamp replacement in seconds Thanks to the specially designed lamp base and lamp holder, the MSR Gold™ MiniFastFit takes just seconds to replace, to help ensure non-stop clubbing entertainment. In addition, the innovative gold plated pins ensure excellent current transfer to prolong lamp and lamp holder lifetimes and thereby reduce lamp replacement costs. Easy handling and small compact fixture designs are allowed by theMSR lamp's compact size, while the very short arc provides a high perceived brightness and high beam intensity.


Base PGJX28
Bulb Type High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 80
Luminous Flux (LM) 23000
Rated Life (Hours) 750
Wattage (W) 300W
CA Prop 65 Yes
CA Prop 65 Material Mercury

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The MSR Gold 300/2 MiniFastFit bulbs is used in following equipment
- Chauvet LEGEND 300E Beam
- Chauvet LEGEND 300E Spot
- Clay Paky Alpha BEAM 300
- Clay Paky Alpha Spot 300
- Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 300
- Clay Paky Alpha Wash 300
- Coemar Infinity ACL S
- Coemar Infinity Spot S
- Coemar Infinity Wash S
- D.T.S. XR300 BEAM
- Elation 300 Spot
- Elation 300 Wash
- Elation DESIGN Beam 300
- Elation DESIGN Spot 300 E
- Elation DESIGN Spot 300 Pro
- Elation DESIGN Wash 300E
- Futurelight PHB-300E
- Futurelight PHS-300E
- Futurelight PHW-300E
- Golden Sea Terbly V300B-E
- Golden Sea Terbly V300S-E
- Golden Sea Terbly V300SP-E
- Golden Sea Terbly V300W-E
- Isolution isolution XP-300beam
- Isolution isolution XP-300SZ
- Jolly Hongcai MH-300 BEAM
- Jolly Hongcai MH-300 SPOT
- PR Lighting XL beam 300
- PR Lighting XS 300
- PROEL Arrow Compact 300 Beam
- PROEL Arrow Compact 300 Spot
- Robe Robin 300E Beam
- Robe Robin 300E Spot
- Robe Robin 300E Wash
- SGM Elettronica Idea 300 Beam
- SGM Elettronica Idea 300 Spot
- Siluj Triton Blue V-300 Beam
- Spotlight MIDI PR CST CRM