PLATINUM EFP 100w 12v HLX GZ6.35 Bipin Halogen light bulb

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This PLATINUM EFP bulb which uses 100 watts and 12 volts. It has a rated life of 50 hours and has a base type which is a Gz6.35 (Bi pin Halogen light bulb). The maximum length of this PLATINUM EFP bulb is 1.81 inches. This lamp has a clear finish.


- Dental
- Fiber Optic
- Microscope
- Ophthalmic
- Projection
- Low Voltage MR16 Fibre-Optic Bulb
- Replacement Bulb for ZB-EFP & LC-EFP


Abbreviation Name EFP
Ansi Code EFP
Base GZ6.35 2-Pin
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100
Diameter (in) 1.57
Filament C-8
Lamp Finish Clear
Maximum Overall Length (in) 1.81
Rated Life (Hours) 50
Shape MR16
Voltage (V) 12V
Wattage (W) 100W



The EFP bulbs is used in following equipment
- Genius Compact flower color changer
- Genius Compact round color changer
- Genius Compact scanflower color
- Genius LP 07 Micro Scan
- Genius LP 08 Micro Roller
- Genius LP 81 Compact Flower
- Genius LP 82 Compact Multitray
- Genius LP 83 Compact Round
- Genius LP 84 Compact Scanflower
- Genius LP 85 Compact Goboflower
- Genius LP 86 Compact Goboscan
- Genius Micro scan
- Martin Professional Adventurer
- Martin Professional Discovery
- Martin Professional Lynx 100
- Martin Professional Sweeper
- Martin Professional Voyager
- NJD Chaos
- NJD Microbeam 100
- NJD Psycho
- SGM Elettronica Colour Dynamic
- Zeiss Colposcope