PLATINUM Small Remote Controller for RGB LED

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LED Remote Small Controller (Optional Remote)The LED Remote Small Controller can be used to control colors, fade, strobe and dimming on both the RGB-GU10-LED, RGB-E27-LED and RGB-MR16-LED. Its also equipped with Auto Flash and Fade pre-programs. Amazingly this little controller can perform all these functions, yet its only about the size of a credit card. The wireless remote controller controls color change by sending signals to infrared sensors on the lamps, but you can also select these built-in programs in the MR RGB lamps by cycling the input power on/off. Remote operates with CR2025 Battery. (Included), Note: This unit only works with RGB-GU10-LED, RGB-E27-LED and RGB-MR16-LED Bulbs.


Equipment Type Controller
Length (in) 4.25
Width (in) .50
Height (in) 2.5
Weight (lbs) .5
Warranty 6 Months Manufacturer Warranty