SFC10-4 lampholder for PRG Best Boy Wash and Best Boy Spot HP fixture

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SFC10-4 lamp holder for PRG Best Boy Wash and Best Boy Spot HP and all their new fixtures which use the SHARXS 1500W/D7/60 Lamp
The bent support bar allow increased airflow under the lamp & reflector.

This lamp holder is for bulbs with SFC10-4 base, with 5.31 in overall length
- Lamp Wattage's: All SharXS HTI (5.31 in overall length)
- HMI 575 W/GS
- HTI 1200W/D7/60 SHARXS
- HTI 1200W/D7/75 SHARXS
- HTI 1500W/D7/60 SHARXS
- HTI 400W/D3/75 SHARXS
- HTI 575W/D4/60 SHARXS
- HTI 575W/D4/75 SHARXS
- HTI 700W/D4/60 SHARXS
- HTI 700W/D4/75 SHARXS
- MSR Gold 400W SA/2/DE
- MSR Gold 1200W SA/DE
- MSR Gold 1200W SA/2/DE
- MSR Gold 700W SA/2/DE
- MSR Gold 1500W SA/DE

- Lamp Base Spacing (A): 4.52
- Pulse Rating: 25kV
- Qualifications: UL Recognized
- E31557, CSA Certified
- LR209043 Dielectric breakdown rating of 15kV as UL certified

SFc10-4 socket is for all the SHARX family of lamps and the HMI 575W/DXS, excluding Baby SharXS bulbs
Baby SharXS ALSO say SFc10-4 for their base, but even though the lamp base is technically an SFc10-4 design, it is a shorter lamp length, so wont fit in the socket.
Socket has the key-lock feature and will work with keyed bulbs only.
The name SFc10-4 is based on the diameter of the base (10 mm) and the M4 screw threads, not on the length of the lamp.
ONLY the SFc10-4 lamps have the Pre-focus notch to match our lampholders. (No notch on the SFc15.5 for instance).


Abbrev. With Packaging Info. SFc104BB 12/CS 12/SKU
Body Material Ceramic Stealite and Nickel Plated Steel
Contact Material Nickel Plated Nickel
CSA File No. LR20904
Height (in) 1.71
Height (mm) 43.3
Lamp Base Reference SFc10-4 with Pre-focus
Length (in) 5.85
Length (mm) 148.6
Maximum Operating Temperature C 250
Maximum Voltage (V) 1000
Maximum Wattage (W) 1500
Old Part Number F511939
Rohs Compliant Yes
Voltage (Pulse Rated) (kV) 25
Width (in) 2.95
Width (mm) 17.5
Underwriters Laboratories File No. E31557
Wire Gauge (AWG) 18-12 Comp