SUNLITE Six Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip w/ 3 ft. power cord

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This six outlets power strip is recommended for Computers, Stereos, DVD Players, Television's, small appliances and many other electronic items.Features: - 270 Joules- 15 Amp fused circuit breaker with reset feature to safely shut off if overload or short circuit occurs,- Heavy duty 14/3 SJT line with 3 feet cord with molded plug- high impact holding.Specifications:- Electrical: 125VAC, 15Amps (1875 Watt)- Outputs: 6- Max Surge Voltage: 6KV- Max Spike Current: 4500Amps, 104F (40C)- Max Clamping Ratio: 1.2:1- Clamp Response Time: <1 nanosecondTemperature Range: 32F to 140F (0C to 60C)Caution: Use only in Dry Locations.


Length (in) 216 in (18 ft.)