SUNLITE 150w Double Ended T3 RSC R7s Clear 3200K Bright White Halogen Lamp

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Sunlite halogen double ended T3 bulbs can last up to 1.3 years with normal household use of 3 hours a day and display a brighter, whiter light than incandescent bulbs. This 150 watt, RSC based, double ended T3 bulb offers a light output of 1950 lumens, a clear glass finish and has an average rated life of 1,500 hours. Great for portable lamps, ceiling fixtures, track lighting, showcase displays and most common residential and commercial lighting needs. Halogen bulbs produce more lumens per watt (LPW) and have a longer lamp life than standard incandescent lamps. You can lower operation costs by more than 30% by using fewer halogen lamps to produce a greater amount of light.
- 150 Watt, 120 Volt
- 1,500 Hour Average Lamp Life
- R7s Double Ended Base
- Provides a bright, white halogen light
- Q150T3/CL/S/CD2

Maximum Overall Length:3.06 (in)


General Characteristics
Bulb T3
Lamp Type Double Ended T3
Lamp Life Hours 1,500 Hours
Bulb Finish Clear
Base Recessed Single Contact (R7s)
Lumens Per Watt (LPW) 13.00
Life (based on 3hr/day) 1.4 Years
Estimated Energy Cost $18.07 per Year
Dimmable True
Electrical Characteristics
Watts 150
Volts 120
Light Characteristics
Brightness 1950 Lumens
Color Accuracy (CRI) 100
Light Appearance Bright White
Color Temperature 3200K
Product Dimensions
Size 78mm
Maximum Overall Length 3.06 (in)
Diameter (in) 4.21"
Item Dimensions (in) (W) 4.21 (H) 3.06 (D) 4.21
Package Dimensions (in) (W) 0.50 (H) 6.38 (D) 3.75
Product Data
Item Number 03414-SU
Barcode on SKU 653703034140
Barcode on Case 10653703034147
Description Q150T3/CL/S/CD2