SUNLITE 80194-SU LED JDR MR16 Mini Reflector 2.8w Light Bulb White 6500K

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Sunlite 80194-SU LED JDR lamp is extremely energy efficient and will help get your monthly energy costs down to their bis minimum. This lamp can last up to fifteen times longer than there halogen counterparts thereby reducing the hassle of replacements. Sunlite LED lamp do not release any hazardous gasses, so by using This lamp you get to do a little more to protect our environment. You won't lose out on light output or ambiance either Sunlite 80194-SU LED bulb deliver a high lumens-per-watt ratio and produce a bright, crisp light in a variety of colors.This Sunlite 80194-SU 120 volt, 2.8 watt, JDR type LED provides a light output of 240 lumens using 60 Led. It features a medium base and can last up to 30,000 hours and produces a brilliant white light. The Sunlite LED lamp lasts long, reduces energy costs and can fit right into your home application or into the most cutting-edge, state of the art lighting design project.

Product Features:
- 2.8-watt; 120-volt
- 240 Lumens; White Color
- Medium Base; 60 LED'S
- 30,000 hours average lamp life
- JDR/60LED/2.8W/MED/W


Bulb JDR
Lamp Type Colored Series
Lamp Life Hours 30000 Hours
Material Glass
LED Type Epistar
Base Medium (E26)
Lumens Per Watt (LPW) 85.71
Life (based on 3hr/day) 27.4 Years
Estimated Energy Cost $0.34 per Year
Watts 2.8
Volts 120
Equivalent Watts 25
LED Chip Manufacturer Epistar
Number of LEDs 60
Brightness 240 Lumens
Color Accuracy (CRI) 75
Light Appearance White
Color Temperature 6500K
Beam Angle 120°
MOL (in) 2.99
Diameter (in) 50
Item Dimensions (in) (W) 1.97 (H) 2.71 (D) 1.97
Package Dimensions (in) (W) 2.00 (H) 3.30 (D) 2.10
Item Number 80194-SU
Barcode on SKU 653703801940
Barcode on Case 10653703801947
Description JDR/60LED/2.8W/MED/120V/W