USHIO QIH240-1000/S2 (#19) 1000W 240V Quartz Infrared Heater Lamp

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USHIO 1001318 QIH240-1000/S2 (#19) 1000W Quartz Infrared Heater Halogen Lamp. This double-ended linear T3 halogen heat lamp is a 1000w, 240v and 12 long end to end with lighted length of 10. With over 85% of the light converted into heat and instant on and off, makes this lamp easier to control and manipulate by use of lenses and reflectors. This bulb has a 5000 hours rate life with consistent output.

Description: QIH-1002
Maximum Overall Length: 11.93 in (303 mm)


USHIO Code Item 1001318
Product Series Heater Infrared
Prod. ID / Ansi Code QIH-1002
Description QIH 240-1000/S2
Description 2 QH1000T3/CL 1000W 240V
Item type
Base MS
Voltage 240
Wattage 1000
Burn Position H4
Bulb Shape T3
Bulb Finish CLEAR
Color Tepm 2500
Filament C-6
Front Glass Cover NO
Rated Life 5000
Diameter (mm) 10
MOL (mm) 303
Lighted Length (lm) 254

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