USHIO 250w MHR-250N MHR SERIES Fiber Optic Metal Halide Reflector HID Light Bulb

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The MHR series was specifically designed for fiber optic and light pipe applications. These lamps are redominantly used in applications with a fiber diameter of more than 8mm at the input and offers an unproblematic operation with standard ballasts and thus lowers cost applications.
The MHR series features an ellipsoidal reflector coated with a special dichroic coating which transmits most of the lamp’s heat radiation toward the rear.
Specifications include a 6.5mm arc gap, total luminous efficacy of 85 lumens per watt and useful lamp life of up to 6000 hours. The MHR series is an economical solution to high development and maintenance costs associated with using lamps developed for applications other than fiber optics.

- MHR-100D Uses M90 Ballast or Electronic Equivalent
- MHR-150N Uses M81 Ballast and MHR-250N Uses M80 Ballast
- Cold Mirror Reflector - Concise Front End
- Compact Design
- Aligned to a Fiber During Manufacturing
- Standardized AMP Connector

- Fiber Optic Lighting Systems
- Light Pipes


Model MHR-250N
Bulb Type Reflector Elliptical ER M91
Base AMP3 Connector
ANSI Code M90/E
Wattage 250
Voltage 100
Finish Clear
Color Temp (K) 4200K
Lumens 3500
Rated Life 4000 hrs
CRI 72
Length 2.75 in
Width 2.75 in
Amperage 3.0
Ozone free Yes
CA Prop 65 Yes
CA Prop 65 Material Mercury

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