USHIO CAX/130V 50W BA15d Base Incandescent Projection Lamp Tubular Bulb

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The Ushio CAX/130V replacement bulb has a part number of BC8339. This Ushio bulb has an ANSI code of CAX/130V. The bulb type of this Ushio CAX/130V lamp is type T-8. The base type of the Ushio CAX/130V replacement bulb may also be called T8. The Ushio CAX/130V replacement lamp has a base type of BA15d (Double Contact Bayonet). This Ushio CAX/130V bulb is a 50 watt bulb. The Ushio CAX/130V bulb is a 130 volt bulb. The maximum overall length of the Ushio CAX/130V replacement lamp is 3.100 inches or 78.7 millimeters. The bulb diameter of the Ushio CAX/130V replacement lamp is 0.984 inches or 25.0 millimeters. The light center length of this Ushio CAX/130V bulb is 1.400 inches or 35.6 millimeters.

- ANSI Code: CAX/130V,INC130V-50W
- Wattage: 50W
- Voltage: 130V
- Base: BA15d
- Average Rated Life: 100 hours


Prod. ID / Ansi code CAX/130V
Description CAX/130V,INC130V-50W
Description 2 50W 130V
Item Type Incandescent
Base BA15d
Voltage 130v
Wattage 50w
Burn Position BD
Bulb Shape T8
Bulb finish CLEAR
Color Temp (k) 2900
Filament CC-13
Front Glass cover No
Initial Lumens (lm) 775
Life (hr) 50
Diameter (mm) 25
MOL (mm) 79.4
Lgiht Center Length (mm) 34.9