USHIO EXN 50w 12v FL36 w/ Front Glass FG Reflekto Black Back flood halogen bulb

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USHIO EXN 50w 12v FL36 w/ Front Glass FG Reflekto Black Back flood halogen bulb
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This Ushio MR-16 lamp was designed to provide the best quality beam with an aluminum reflector design that eliminates the undesirable dichroic back-spill. It also offers the design community the option of matching the "Ushio" lamp color (black or silver) to the color of popular track heads, making the lamp itself somewhat undetectable in the track fixture. If these benefits weren’t enough the aluminum reflector redirects the heat through the front of the lamp diminishing the risk of thermal damage to sockets, transformers and ceilings.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS- Aluminized reflector coating – No light diffusion from back-spill- 80% reduction of IR to the back of the lamp- Reduced heat to socket, fixture and transformer- Excellent center-to-edge uniformity in light distribution- Multi-lense reflector with axial filament for superior beam control- No rings, shadows or dark spots in beam pattern- Available in Black and Silver- Dimmable- Halogen capsule cuts harmful UV- Computer-aligned axial filament for consistent beam angles- Developed to provide all the benefits of the premium Superline lamps with a decorative colored reflector to match popular track heads.


Abbreviation Name EXN
Ansi Code EXN
Base GU5.3 2-Pin
Beam Angle (deg.) 36
Beam Spread Flood FL
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Temperature (K) 3000K
Filament C-8
Maximum Overall Length (in) 1.78
Front Glass With Front Glass
Rated Life (Hours) 3500
Shape MR16
Voltage (V) 12V
Wattage (W) 50W

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