USHIO EXZ 50w 12v NFL24 FG MR16 ULTRA TITAN light bulb

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USHIO EXZ 50w 12v NFL24 FG MR16 ULTRA TITAN light bulb
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This Ushio 50W Titan lamp is the longest-life Halogen MR-16 lamp on the market. Along with its long life, this halogen lamp provides consistent color throughout its lamp life. This lamp has a Flood Beam with Front Glass and a rated life of 18000 hours depending on usage. This lamp uses a GU5.3 2 pin base connector. There is also a beam angle of 24 degrees and a C-8 filament. This lamp is also a narrow spot flood light.

applications and features which include:

• Retail Display
• Museums & Galleries
• Office & Commercial Areas
• Hotels & Restaurants
• Track & Accent Lighting
• Ushio EXZ/FG Ultra Titan Halogen Bulb
• Ultraline Titan MR16 Lamp
• Clear Front Cover Glass
• Titanium Oxide Coated Reflector
• Consistent Color
• Computer Aligned Axial Filament
• Integrated UV Protection
• Made in Germany
• Only for Use in Approved Halogen Fixtures


Abbreviation Name EXZ
Ansi Code EXZ
Base GU5.3 2-Pin
Beam Angle (deg.) 24
Beam Spread Narrow Flood NFL
Bulb Type Halogen Bulbs
Color Temperature (K) 3100K
Filament C-8
Maximum Overall Length (in) 1.78
Front Glass With Front Glass
Rated Life (Hours) 18000
Shape MR16
Voltage (V) 12V
Wattage (W) 50W


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