USHIO FDV/DZE JC24V-150W G6.35 Base Halogen Projection Lamp

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The Ushio FDV replacement lamp has a Ushio product code of 1000505. This Ushio FDV bulb is a 150 watt bulb. The Ushio JC24V-150W lamp is a 24 volt bulb. The Ushio JC24V-150W replacement bulb has a part number of BC6307. This Ushio lamp has an ANSI code of FDV. The bulb type of this Ushio JC24V-150W bulb is type T-4. The base type of the Ushio JC24V-150W replacement lamp may also be called T4. The Ushio FDV replacement bulb has a base type of G6.35 (Glass 2-Pin). The maximum overall length of the Ushio FDV replacement lamp is 2.000 inches or 50.8 millimeters. The bulb diameter of the Ushio JC24V-150W replacement lamp is 0.532 inches or 13.5 millimeters. The light center length of this Ushio FDV bulb is 1.200 inches or 30.5 millimeters. The Ushio JC24V-150W replacement lamp is often referred to by the product code 1000505. The manufacturer continuous use average life rating for this Ushio FDV bulb is 100 hours. The color temperature of this replacement bulb is 3300 degrees Kelvin. The rated lumens value of the Ushio JC24V-150W replacement lamp is 4300. The filament type of this Ushio FDV bulb is CBar6. The Ushio JC24V-150W replacement bulb has a Clear finish. The operating position of this replacement bulb is BD/Hor.

- ANSI Code: FDV/DZE,JC24V-150W
- Wattage: 150W
- Voltage: 24V
- Base: G6.35
- Average Rated Life: 100 hours

- Lab Diagnostic & Analytical Blood Analyzer
- Machine Vision Measurement Optical Comparator
- Medical Examination
- Microfilm Projector
- Surgical Operating Room Light

- GE 36878
- Heine Y-96.15.102/FDV
- Martin/Berchtold 906-24
- Osram 54054 HLX 64642
- Osram 54264
- Sylvania 54054
- Sylvania 54264
- Philips 23978-0
- Ushio 1000505 FDV, JC24V-150W


Prod. ID / Ansi code FDV
Description FDV/DZE,JC24V-150W
Description 2 150W 24V
Item Type Halogen
Base G6.35
Voltage 24v
Wattage 150w
Burn Position BD/HZ
Bulb Shape T4
Bulb finish CLEAR
Color Temp (k) 3300
Efficacy (lm/W) 28.7
Filament CBAR6
Front Glass cover No
Initial Lumens (lm) 4300
Luminous Flux (lm) 4300
Life (hr) 100
Diameter (mm) 13.5
MOL (mm) 50
Lgiht Center Length (mm) 30


The FDV bulb is used in equipment below:
- Berchtold C571 Medical
- Berchtold C572 Medical
- Hanimex 110 Projector
- Heine HK6000
- Heine Y.96.15.102
- Kavo Kavolux Medical
- Kodak 40 Easamatic Microfilm Reader
- Kodak Ektron Microfilm Reader
- Martin 86-907-01 Medical
- Martin/Berchtold Cromphare
- Machine Vision Optical Comparator
- Medical Illumination System 1
- Mitutoyo 542305 Microscope
- Narco Air Shields LT90700
- Ragen 95
- Simon Omega 471-027
- Visual Graphics 62-12205-003