USHIO G8T5E 7.2W Midrange UV-B 306nm Fluorescent Lamp

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The Ushio 3000318 G8T5E is a UV-B Low-Pressure Mercury-Arc lamp.
The G8T5E lamps are coated with special blende phosphor to emit radiation peaking at 306nm (UV-B)The G8T5E lamps are used to create UV reaction and effects for various applications such as in Laboratory/Research, Industrial, Sanitation, Criminology, Cosmetics and Entertainment.
The lamp has a G5 2-Pin base and a rated life of 3000 hours.

Features and Benefits:
- 306nm(UV-B)
- Specially blended phosphor coating for maximum UV effect and output
- Low Mercury dose to meet environmental demands
- Large production capacity providing lamps with consistent quality and reliable delivery
- Flexible design capability for custom lamp development

- UV Curing
- Fluorescence Illumination
- Fluorescence Analysis
- Laboratory/Research
- Photochemistry
- Chromatography
- Phototherapy
- Dermatology
- Non-Destructive Testing
- Inspection
- Detection
- Insect Luring
- Fluorescence Display
- Special Effects in Theatrical Presentation


Base G5 2-Pin
Bulb Type Fluorescent Bulbs
Diameter (in) 0.61
Maximum Overall Length (in) 11.29
Rated Life (Hours) 3000
Shape T5
Wattage (W) 7.2W