Ushio NSHA220HI 220 Watt Projector Quality Original Projector Bulb

Ushio SKU: NSHA220HI
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220 Watt Projector Bulb Replacement without cage assembly. Bulb without Cage Assembly

The projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models:
Dukane-456-8755H3M- X76, Dukane-456-8755G, Dukane-Imagepro 8755G, Dukane-Imagepro 8755H, Dukane-Imagepro 8781, Dukane-Imagepro 8782, Dukane-Imagepro 8912, Dukane-Imagepro 8912H, Dukane-Imagepro 8913, Dukane-Imagepro 8913H, Dukane-Imagepro 8916H, Dukane-Imagepro 8917H, Dukane-MU04951, Dukane-456-8100, Dukane-Imagepro 8100, Dukane-Imagepro 8102
Hitachi-CP-WX410, Hitachi-CP-X200, Hitachi-CP-X201, Hitachi-CP-X205, Hitachi-CP-X206, Hitachi-CP-X300, Hitachi-CP-X301, Hitachi-DT00911, Hitachi-CP-X305, Hitachi-CP-X306, Hitachi-CP-X308, Hitachi-CP-X400, Hitachi-CP-X401, Hitachi-CP-X417, Hitachi-CP-X450, Hitachi-CP-X467, Hitachi-ED-X30, Hitachi-ED-X31, Hitachi-ED-X32, Hitachi-ED-X33, Hitachi-HCP-800X, Hitachi-HCP-80X, Hitachi-HCP-880X, Hitachi-HCP-900X, Hitachi-DT00841, Hitachi-DT00891, Hitachi-CP-A100 Hitachi Lamp, Hitachi-CP-A101, Hitachi-ED-A100, Hitachi-ED-A110
Viewsonic- PJ758, Viewsonic-PJ759, Viewsonic-PJ760, Viewsonic-RBB-009H, Viewsonic-RLC-031
3M-78-6966-9917-2, 3M-78-6969-9917-2, 3M-78-6969-9947-9, 3M-LKX64, 3M-X64, 3M-X66

- Ushio NSHA220HI Projector Bare Bulb Replacement
- Original Ushio OEM Bare Bulb Replacement without cage assembly
- 90-day warranty when purchased from BulbAmerica
- 100% identical with the original bulb used in the projector
- Brand New Ushio projector bare bulb without Cage / Housing


Projector Manufacturer's Ushio
Projector Models NSHA220HI
Warranty 6 Months Manufacturers Warranty. Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV/projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, ligh
UPC 675650054279