USHIO SMR-201/D1 200W Reflectorized EmArc Lamp

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EmArclighting technology is the culmination of a dedicated effort to bring together the inherent advantages of a number of gas discharge sources into a single light source. The technology equates to a critical blending of rare gas and metal additives to derive, in a single source, many of the key properties and benefits of stand alone Xenon, Metal Halide and Mercury lamps.

EmArc light sources are a series of highly efficient, Enhanced Metal Arc, DC gas discharge lamps designed for use in medical, scientific, industrial and entertainment settings. EmArc lamps are a progressive step ahead in lighting technology possessing features that offer advantages to an array of uses for imaging, fiber optic and other important optical applications.

EmArc lamps have geometric designs which enable alignment in dichroic visible light or UV specific coated reflectors facilitating use in numerous applications like lighting for minimally invasive surgery, curing of light sensitive resins and adhesives and, dental whitening procedures.EmArcversatility enables its use in a number of entertainment applications including searchlights, followspots, special effects and automated fixtures.EmArc lamps are comparable to Metal Halide sources in luminous efficacy but with 2 to 5 times the life. A correlated color temperature like that of Xenon at 6000K, with very small arc gap sizes, but with 2 times the luminous effi cacy of Xenon lamps. EmArc technology differentiates itself as a new family of discharge lamps.The construction of EmArc® arc tubes, electrodes and precise filling technique provide the environment for the tightly confined plasma arc discharge. EmArc light output over time exceeds that of typical DC Xenon and AC short-arc Metal Halide lamps.

- Up to 60 lumens per watt efficacy two times that of Xenon sources
- Highly durable, rugged elliptical and parabolic reflector designs— very high light path efficiencies for small diameter fiber optic bundle applications
- Precise filling control, electrode design and tight manufacturing tolerances with tipless arc tube construction allows for tightly confined and stable plasma discharge, long life with minimal color temperature drift over life, better optical control, no shadowing
- Far better color control over life than conventional metal halide lamps
- Hot reignition
- Power ranges from 150-600 watts— versatility/ power tenability
- Custom reflector designs available
- Small arc gap sizes—down to 1.2mm highly effective optical collection capability
- Unique hybrid gas discharge technology— 2,000 hours of life; no internal pressure when cold
- EmArc DC technology—enables operation on lower cost DC power supplies reducing OEM system design costs
- 6000K correlated color temperature— Xenon-like light for crisp, white imaging


- Medical fiber optics for endoscopy or headlight illumination
- Biotechnology/ micro-array
- Industrial UV curing
- Machine vision
- Cosmetic dentistry
- Projection / Entertainment
- Microscopy
- Entertainment?


Abbreviation Name EmArx SMR-201/D1
Base Spec
Bulb Type High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)
Color Temperature (K) 6500K
Luminous Flux (LM) 5500
Maximum Overall Length (in) 3.149
Rated Life (Hours) 2500
Wattage (W) 200W
CA Prop 65 Yes
CA Prop 65 Material Mercury

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