Ushio UXR-300ES Ceramic Xenon - Olympus CLV-190, CLV-290 Replacement Lamp

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The Ushio UXR Ceramic Xenon lamps are highly efficient, pre-aligned, parabolic reflectorized lamps for use in numerous scientific, medical and industrial illumination applications.

The UXR features strong output reliability over life, highly stable 6100K color temperature, a compact and rugged ceramic to metal seal manufactured body and new window protection design. Manufactured at our ISO-certified plant, all UXR lamps are built to high quality standards for consistent and reliable performance.

- Rugged Compact Design
- Broad Continuous Spectral Output, High Color Rendering
- Superior Lumen Maintenance with Improved Ignition Reliability
- Demanding Quality Control and Manufacturing Aspects Produce Highly Consistent Lamp to Lamp Replacement Performance
- New Window Design Protects Against Scratching and Surface Contamination
- Special Mounting Pattern for Universal Heatsink Positioning
- Operation in either Constant Current or Constant Power Control Mode
- Designed for Improved Efficacy Next Generation Illumination Systems

APPLICATIONS: - Endoscopy - Surgical Headlights
- Microscopy
- Borescopy
- Spectroscopy
- Visible / Infrared Searchlights
- Machine Vision
- Solar Simulation
- Projection


USHIO Item Code 5003098
Product Series UXR Ceramic Xenon
Prod. ID / Ansi Code UXR300ES
Description UXR-300ES
Description 2 260w, 13v, 20A
Item Type Ceramic Xenon
Voltage 13v
Wattage 260
Amperage 20
Color Temp (k) 6100
Arc Gap (mm) 1
Initial Lumens (lm) 3250
Rated Life 500

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