Get bright, bold 26w light bulbs from BulbAmerica. If you are looking for 2-pin triple tube fluorescent bulbs, explore the options available online. While many triple tube bulbs have 4-pin bases, several use a 2-pin base. If you have an overhead light, lamp or other light fixture that requires a 2-pin design, make use of these options from BulbAmerica.

Among the inventory are options like the USHIO CF 26w Triple Tube 2-Pin Base Bulb. This bulb is 5.4" long with 1800 lumens and a color temperature of 2700K. Another compact bulb is the USHIO Compact Fluorescent 26w CF26T/841 Light Bulb. Expected to last for 10,000 hours, this bulb and others will prevent you from needing to place another order soon. Additionally, the Satco S4368 26w Triple Tube 2-Pin GX24D-3 Plug-In Base 2700K Fluorescent Bulb is another excellent way to light your home or office. This model even has magnetic ballasts to ease your installation. Find these and other affordable triple tube light bulbs from BulbAmerica.