Whether we are aware of it or not, we all know what an A-shaped light bulb is. Picture a light bulb in your mind - the type that appears over your head when you have an idea, or the type that is the center of all of those "screw in a light bulb" jokes. More likely than not, the type of light bulb you're picturing is an A-shaped bulb. A-shaped light bulbs are characterized by their balloon-like spherical head and tapered neck. They are used in a wide range of lighting fixtures found in both residential and commercial locations around the world.

Though there are many technological variations of A-shaped bulbs available today (including LEDs and CFLs), the most popular type of A-shaped bulb is still the good old-fashioned incandescent bulb. If you are looking for a high-quality incandescent A-shaped bulb to replace a missing or burnt-out one in your home or business, our supply team here at BulbAmerica has the solutions for you. We proudly carry an extensive selection of brand-name bulbs in a number of styles from industry-leading manufacturers, including Philips, Satco, Sunlite, Osram Sylvania and more. Browse our inventory to find the perfect A-shaped incandescent light bulb for your needs, and place your order with us today!