Once designated almost exclusively to halogen, AR111 lights now come in highly energy efficient LED options. These lights provide a high output, a narrow spot and a crisp beam edge, so they're a very popular choice in the hospitality and retail industries. BulbAmerica offers a selection of high-performance AR111 LEDs made with cutting-edge technology, ideal for your AR111 retrofit or new construction needs. These are very cool-running lamps that emit no harmful UV rays, so they're great for a variety of applications.

BulbAmerica offers LED AR111s by the lighting industry's best innovators, including Optima Lighting and Satco. If you're in the market for commercial AR111 LED bulbs for applications such as retail or galleries, be sure to choose a high-efficiency AR111 that emits no AR or UV rays to protect your valuable objects from damage or fading over time. Many of these styles are also mercury-free and provide a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. If you need more information on our AR111 LED bulbs, don't hesitate to contact us.