Candelabra CFL bulbs are the second-smallest standard base size available in CFL, so they're commonly used in chandeliers, sconces and other small fixtures. These bulbs are much more energy efficient than incandescents, with up to 75 percent energy savings and a 10 percent longer lifespan. Swap out the energy-hogging CFLs in your home's fixtures with a low-priced compact fluorescent candelabra bulb and watch the energy savings roll in. BulbAmerica has a large variety of candelabra-style CFLs, including twist, bullet, flame, torpedo and A9.

If you plan to install a candelabra bulb in an application where the bulb will be visible, such as in a chandelier, you will want to choose a flame, torpedo or bullet-shaped CFL. Although they house the efficient twist-shape inside, most of these styles feature a more traditional exterior shape for those who don't prefer the spiral style. We also have a variety of spiral candelabra CFLs in our selection for those applications where the bulb will be concealed. Shop bulbs up to 1,000 lumens running at as low as 3 watts at BulbAmerica.

As the second-smallest class CFL bulbs, candelabra light bulbs are used for smaller lighting fixtures and applications such as chandeliers and sconces. More energy efficient and longer-lasting than incandescent candelabras, candelabra CFL bulbs are a great choice for home or business owners looking to save money on their electric bill without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of their favorite light sources.

At BulbAmerica, we proudly carry a wide range of candelabra CFLs, including bulbs in the bullet, flame, torpedo, A19 and standard spiral styles from some of the industry's leading manufacturers, including Satco, Sunlite, Sylvania, and Philips. Although all of our candelabra CFLs house the energy-efficient spiral shape, many mask it with a more aesthetically appropriate outer shell, great for chandeliers and older candelabra fixtures. Starting as low as $2.81 per bulb, our candelabra CFLs can produce as much as 1,000 lumens while running as low as 3 watts. Shop for the perfect CFL fit for your fixture at BulbAmerica now!