Increase the creativity of your holiday decorations with bold and beautiful colored Christmas trees. If you’re ready to expand beyond the traditional green, BulbAmerica offers Christmas trees in a variety of luxurious and fun colors that elevate your holiday décor in a tasteful way. Colored trees make gorgeous centerpiece holiday trees, or they can beautifully enhance traditional trees and decorations. Have a blast decorating these eye-catching trees with different colors and types of Christmas tree bulbs, creating holiday masterpieces for everyone to enjoy.

White Christmas Trees

White Christmas trees provide you with the perfect blank slate for your tree decoration ideas. Select a classic white fir tree that looks like it’s dipped in layers of deep snow. Plain white trees have a crisp, clean look that need very little decoration. Create an elegant tree using strings of clear white lights that enhance the trees’ pureness. Sparkle white trees with white tips include lights for quick tree set up. You can also do fun things like create a lighted tree snowman.

Champagne Christmas Trees

Like its counterpart, the bubbly champagne tree conveys class and sophistication. This colored tree looks stunning when paired with white Christmas lights. When choosing other tree decorations, think gold ornaments, gold-flocked pine cones and champagne or sheer white colored ribbon.

Silver Christmas Trees

Creatively, you can do a lot with the ever-popular silver Christmas tree. Silver reflects light beautifully, so feel free to use transparent white or multicolored tree lights. For contrast, ornament colors of blue, red and gold look great with silver.

Gold Christmas Trees

The natural richness of gold makes your tree centerpiece shine with opulence. White lights are a natural fit for gold trees, and this color is ideal for entryways or main rooms where people gather to celebrate.

Pink Christmas Trees

Pink is the favorite color of many, and if you’re a fan of this perky color, BulbAmerica has the perfect tree for you. Choose soft pink or bright pink in traditional and pencil styles. Your decorating task is a whole lot of fun when you start with strings of LED pink lights with green or white wires. Perfect match decorating colors are pink, fuchsia, purple, and white.

Other Great Colors

BulbAmerica has more fun tree colors such as purple, red, orange and blue, and these trees can help you create all sorts of imaginative holiday displays.