For light fixtures that require double tube 2-Pin G24D-3 light bulbs, explore the options available from BulbAmerica. We offer a variety of fluorescent light bulbs and other types of lighting needs including those that fit a G24d-3 base. Among the brands that we provide are Sylvania, LUXRITE, GE, USHIO, Philips, Sunlite, and Satco. Depending on the look and color you are going for, there are bulbs that will match your needs in terms of wattage and color.

With G24d-3 base light bulbs, you have several options from BulbAmerica. Compact varieties are plentiful and different colors are available. Pick a warm white for homes and other areas and keep the color cooler when working in the office or industrial area. Many of these models have wattages around 24w but there is some variety available. Choose from options like the USHIO Compact Fluorescent or the Osram Sylvania 26w 120V and get 2-pin light bulbs that will integrate smoothly with your overhead lights.