If you are looking for high intensity and precise directional capabilities in your light bulbs, then High Intensity Discharge MR Shape light bulbs are the products for you. These bulbs combine the reflector design of conventional MR light bulbs with the luminous intensity of a high intensity discharge (HID) lamp. The result is a high-performing bulb that is both bright and directionally precise.

Here at BulbAmerica, we carry a large selection of HID MR shape light bulbs designed and manufactured by industry-leading brands, including Philips and GE Lighting. Available in a number of beam angle specifications, these light bulbs are ideal for areas where a lot of light is needed in a specific region. Use yours as outdoor floodlights, warehouse recessed lighting, or a number of other high-intensity applications - the possibilities are limitless. Browse our selection to find the right fit for your project and order your HID MR shape light bulbs with safe and secure shipping from our trusted supply team today!