Inspire looks of wonder and awe when you rev up the holiday decorating fun with BulbAmerica novelty Christmas lights. Sometimes your Christmas tree and home displays need that extra bit of magic to make them special, and novelty lights can provide just that. Check out LED stars, ornamental balls, snowflakes, and more for stunning displays.

Novelty LED Stars

Since the dawn of time, stars have inspired countless dreams and wishes. Now you can bring the brightness and beauty of stars into your home with strings of LED stars. Select the enduring and moving Bethlehem star shape, or the ever-popular starburst Christmas set shape. The Bethlehem star strings come in single color packs in different colors such as white, blue and amber. Bethlehem star sets include up to 50 lights, which look amazing when strung around trees and bushes. Captivating starburst sets include up to 35 lights on a string, and feature numerous points with the center points being the longest. These blend beautifully with modern holiday décor.

Novelty LED Ornamental Balls

Do you want to enhance your favorite outdoor Christmas display ideas? Ornamental LED balls give you more ways to create beautiful displays. These crystal balls feature decorative accents that become prominent when light shines through their interior. LED balls are made of durable plastic, come in an array of seasonal colors and hang from a wire for easy decorative customization.

Novelty LED Snowflakes

Replicate the delicate beauty of wintry wonder with snowflake light sets. These Christmas bulbs are exquisitely designed to mimic the real thing, and careful string spacing allows you to enjoy each bulb wherever you hang them.

LED Icicles

Capture the suspended water beauty of a hanging icicle with packs of white icicle LED lights. Perfect for the holiday season, cool white icicle bulbs look amazingly like real icicles in color and shape. Grab one or more packs of these Christmas bulbs for fast replacement of burned-out ones, and to enhance the realistic appeal of your custom-created novelty light strings.

Novelty LED Lawn Stakes

Novelty LED lawn stakes featuring bright traditional Christmas bulbs are a great way to welcome visitors to your home during the holidays. Choose cool white or dazzling multicolor LED bulb sets connected with wire. Each bulb is attached to a sturdy base with a pointed spike on the end for stability.